Our Story


David and I originally met in 1976.  Fast forward 30 years...  After reconnecting in 2007, we began a long distance relationship and farm business partnership that spanned the state of Kentucky!  In 2012 I chucked the life I knew in Lexington and moved west to the tiny town of Gracey, KY, where we married and now make our home, along with indoor cat Daisy, and outdoor cat Buddy.

I was a late bloomer, so to speak, in the flower biz.  I didn’t discover my passion for flowers until the empty nest syndrome set in.  

In my forties in Columbus, OH, I experienced the wonder of planting something that lived to come back the next year.  It was a miracle!  Echinacea, a few day lilies, and some hostas were my first experiment.  I've been experimenting ever since. 

In 2010 in Gracey, KY, I thought it would be fun to try selling zinnias and sunflowers along with our usual fare at the local farmers' market.  Today the flower business is booming and David and I now focus almost exclusively on locally-grown, seasonal, specialty cut flowers and floral design.  I have a strong background in customer service and marketing, and a love of creating beautiful, custom floral arrangements for my clients.  It is my privilege and joy  to work with each customer to identify some unique aspect of her personality which can be reflected in the flowers we provide.  From the delicate airiness of a summer cosmos or Queen Anne’s Lace, to the lush opulence of May peonies or June lilies, to the spikiness of rattle snake master and the inclusion of fruits, herbs or woody branches, we love to incorporate surprises!    


David Martin:  husband, horticulturalist, plant breeder, and flower farmer.  David turned his love of the outdoors into a business which now includes four acres of fruit, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees, from which we create beautiful flower arrangements.  David is a true renaissance man who can fix, make or grow almost anything!   His artistic eye and construction experience come in handy when I need an idea for a special arrangement or help with larger designs and installations.  We make a great team!